Everything you need to know about industrial boilermaking

In Angel Ruiz we are experts in cindustrial brickwork, but what is it and what is it for? Why is it so important today? Boilermaking includes a series of parts manufacturing work and structures that are used in different industries such as canning, metallurgy, food and even construction.

What is industrial boilermaking?

Industrial boilermaking is one of the different types of manufacturing methods that exist and that offer solutions for different industries. The objective of the boilermaker is to build metal pieces, of large dimensions and characterized by their high resistance and great durability. That is why boilermaking is a discipline that different people can resort to. industries, such as construction, but it also has a place in canning and the food sector.

The pieces must be strong and durable.

Through the industrial boilermaking process, metallic structures of large dimensions and which, in addition, consist of only one piece. For example, silos, beams and tanks are worked on. For these works, it is used metal in different alloys. The choice of the type of metal depends on the use that is going to be given to the piece, although laminated steel is generally used.

What is the boilermaking process like?

The first step is cut metal to generate a single piece. Afterwards, this piece is worked through different processes, such as creased either bent. Finally, the structure is completed by adding different metal pieces, through construction work. welding. Due to the dimensions and weight of the pieces, as well as the individualized work they require, industrial boilermaking is also known as heavy boilermaking.

To carry out the different jobs, this discipline uses specialized machinery and of great magnitude. Some of the machine tools used are shears, which are intended for cutting raw materials; the presses and rollers They are used for forming the pieces. On the other hand, to assemble the pieces, the welds and to produce greater ductility to the material throughout the process, the blowtorches.

What jobs are part of boilermaking? Here we find the material cutting, which is one of the most important processes; he punching and bent of sheets; the welding by spots, which can be cold, using a TIG machine or an orbital machine. Processes such as frosted, for the elimination of surface irregularities.

What is industrial boilermaking used for?

The main objective of the boilermaker is to manufacture large metal parts, that are resistant, durable and functional. What industries use this technique? What are the uses of boilermaking?

Industrial boilermaking is used in different industries
  • Energetic industry, as well as gas and Petroleum. Through boilermaking, pieces are manufactured that are used to store liquids and gases; and pressure pipes.
  • Food sector. Boilermaking is used for both the food and beverage industries, as it manufactures deposits for liquids and grains. These warehouses are not only used for the storage of products, but also for the transport of these.
  • Agriculture and Livestock. In line with the previous section, the boiler works are used to store seeds and grains that are used in these sectors.
  • Construction. Boilermaking is one of the most used disciplines in the construction sector because it is responsible for creating structures resistant, functional and very aesthetic metal that, in the long run, become buildings, bridges or towers.
  • Urban planning. Curiously, the boilermaker is also responsible for the Design of structures that serve as aesthetic and design elements. Basically, pieces of metal that have great artistic value are built and placed on buildings.
  • Chemical industry, through the manufacture of special deposits for the storage of flammable and/or dangerous substances or products that require specific handling.

We already know which industries use this discipline, but what parts are manufactured? They stand out, the cisterns, the silos and the boilers, as well as the ducts (underground or surface), for the transport of liquids or gases. The industrial boilermaker is also responsible for the manufacture of beams and others metallic profiles that are used in civil engineering works.

In urban planning and aesthetics, one of the most representative examples of industrial boilermaking is found in the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. The titanium plates on the façade are a product of the metalwork. Other examples of boilermaking pieces can be found in the iconic Eiffel Tower and in the San Francisco bridge, California. Both the Eiffel Tower and the San Francisco Bridge have steel parts and beams that were manufactured using boilermaking processes.

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