What is rendering for environmental care?

The rendering It is a process that aims make the most of animal by-products, thus creating maximum value. In Angel Ruiz We help you with your rendering company, offering you quality equipment, both for existing installations and for turnkey plants. What is rendering and why is it so important for caring for the environment?

What is rendering?

He rendering Its main objective is to maximize the use of animal by-products, whether meat or fish waste. The rendering service has great benefits for sustainability and the circular economy. Furthermore, it is a way of optimize production, increase the profit of your company and, of course, guarantee maximum quality. Basically, it is a way to contribute to reduce waste and promote the reuse of resources.

At Ángel Ruiz we contribute rendering solutions, after doing a study and analyzing the needs of each company. In this way, we propose an optimal solution that allows converting meat and/or fish waste into valuable proteins that are in high demand worldwide.

The shredder is one of the machines used for rendering

The rendering allows you to convert animal by-products into high-quality final products. Through rendering it is possible to generate meat and bone flour, poultry meat, feathers, wholemeal; as well as fat, tallow and oil. These ingredients are used to make pet food, in the cosmetics and oleochemical industries.

Rendering to care for the environment

He rendering It is a way to contribute to respecting the environment, since material that would otherwise be wasted is recycled. Through the rendering processes the by-products that we do not use are reused and are considered as not edible (fats, bones, proteins). This is how, after rendering, clean and safe products are obtained that are, in turn, used to manufacture new products.

If the rendering did not exist, remove animal waste It would be very expensive, something that would entail a considerable economic and environmental burden. But, in order to carry out the rendering processes, it is necessary to use specialized equipment such as augers, the hoppers, the crushers and the digesters.

As we already mentioned, if the rendering and, in general, the recycling industry If it did not exist, eliminating the waste would be expensive. Some of the benefits of rendering are:

  • Recycling of animal by-products and reduction of the waste.
  • Conversion of by-products into high value ingredients for the development of new products. The nutrients They are managed in such a way that the maximum use is made of waste.
  • The products obtained from rendering, such as flour, have high economic value. In addition, they are used by companies that benefit from the circular economy.
  • Increase of the energy independence.
  • Reduction of greenhouse gases, something that has great benefits for the environment.

Rendering equipment

We have already mentioned that rendering is carried out in specialized machines and that, in addition, you can find in Angel Ruiz. Among the rendering equipment are:

  • Augers. They offer efficiency, durability and exceptional performance. They allow raw materials to be handled, but are also used to measure products in process or already finished. The augers we manufacture have a robust design and do not require much maintenance; they are custom made in stainless or carbon steel.
  • Digesters. Continuous and discontinuous digesters aim to efficiently treat organic waste in industrial environments. These machines are used in processes of dehydration, sterilization or hydrolyzation of byproducts. Digesters allow waste to be converted into products such as fertilizers and biogas, among others.
  • Hoppers. The hoppers optimize the loading and unloading of materials efficiently, both for dosing in-process or finished products, and for receiving raw materials. The hoppers are built with quality and very resistant materials, capable of withstanding the most demanding industrial environments.
  • Crushers. The crushers aim process organic waste such as bones and meat of cooked animals. At Ángel Ruiz you can find a wide variety of crushers that adapt to the needs of each process and the size of the products to be recycled.

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