What is a hydraulic roller cylinder?

In Angel Ruiz, we are experts in metallurgy and, we stand out for the precision machining. In this article we tell you what a hydraulic roller cylinder, what it is for and how we use it in our workshop to create pieces that adapt to the needs of each project. Keep reading!

What is the hydraulic roller cylinder used for?

The hydraulic roller cylinder It is a machine tool capable of performing curved very precise and uniform, in different directions. This machine tool allows you to create from tubes soft curves, up to geometric forms very intricate. In this way, in Angel Ruiz We create pieces that adapt to the needs of your industrial project.

But, what is a hydraulic roller cylinder? It is a specific machine which is used to deform metals. That is to say, flat pieces are discarded to produce components and metal structures of high precision and quality, such as tubes. The main objective of the hydraulic roller cylinder is Bend and deform metal sheets, such as sheets, applying the hydraulic force and the movement of some rollers, which are placed following a specific configuration.

The hydraulic cylinder allows you to create complex parts for different industries

In the world of machining, the displacement It is a procedure that can be done with different machines, including lathes and the bending machines. However, for greater precision, the cylinders which, in turn, can be manuals, hydraulic, etc. In this specific case, the hydraulic roller cylinder uses rollers of different sizes. sizes and diameters. These rollers work together to carry out the deformation of the metal and generate the desired part, according to the project requirements.

How does the hydraulic roller cylinder work?

The mechanism of action of hydraulic cylinder It is quite simple, but very effective. The metal sheet, of the specific thickness, is placed between some rollers. These rollers are then adjusted in such a way that the machine can apply the proper pressure about the piece. The arrangement and adjustment of the rollers is crucial for avoid deformation of the piece; That is, the metal plate is deformed according to the requirements of the project and following the required tolerances.

The machine uses a hydraulic system which is what allows control force which is exerted by the rollers. This system is what allows a greater precision and control throughout the bending process. And why do we use this machine tool? Because, unlike other machines, the hydraulic cylinder allows metal sheets to be curved in different directions and planes.

This particularity of the machine is possible thanks to the roller arrangement. Not only are the rollers essential for precision, but their arrangement and adjustment allows you to create very complex shapes and three-dimensional.

Main applications

This machine tool is used in a wide variety of industries for its versatility and ability to work with a wide range of metals. The hydraulic cylinder is used for:

  • Manufacture pressure vessels. This machine makes it possible to produce pressure vessels that are used in the chemical, oil and food processing industries.
  • Construction of metal structures which are used in the construction of buildings, bridges and other infrastructure.
  • Automotive industry, to manufacture automobile components such as the body and chassis.
  • Manufacturing of industrial machines. Many parts and components of certain machine tools require very precise bending processes and the hydraulic cylinder is perfect for these tasks.

Advantages of hydraulic roller cylinder

The first reason to use a hydraulic cylinder is that it is an incredibly machine precise. For his hydraulic system controlled, the machine is capable of bending metals with great precision, which guarantees the uniformity and the quality of the final products.

On the other hand, this machine is very efficient, as it offers the ability to work with metal sheets of great size and thickness. The speed and power of the hydraulic cylinders also allows a production efficient and fast, reducing delivery times and increasing productivity. Productivity is also associated with great bending capacity that the machine offers, since the rollers allow large and complex parts to be machined.

As we already mentioned, the hydraulic cylinder offers less deformation of the material, since it is possible to control, with great precision, the hydraulic force that applies. These machines minimize the deformation throughout the bending process. The results are exceptional.

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